Romantic Ideas for Couples
(ok most of them are downright naughty)

Have FUN! Asking great questions always opens up interesting conversation. But being fun in the sex department - well it's just fun. Don't let anybody tell you other wise - if they do - chances are -they don't know how to have fun

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Naughty Suggestions and Conversation Starters for You and Your Partner
WARNING - Adult content and Questions

Sprinkle rose petals on the bed.

Do it on the washer or dryer while it is running.

Buy some cheap clothes or underwear cut them on the seam
part way, then you can literally rip your clothes off.

Hire a
professional masseuse to come to
your house and surprise your partner.

Put post it notes all over the house with little messages
or in a purse or wallet.

Use a blindfold

Try to do it as slow as possible

Write I love you on the steam in the mirror.

Send a small gift fed ex with a love note.

Kiss every square inch of their body.

Go back to the place that you had your honey moon.

Stay the morning in bed.

Have really aggressive sex

What about kinky sex - with some spanking, hair pulling, biting or even some enthusiastic nibbling...

Try some really loud sex...

Bring them breakfast in bed – then hand feed them

Kidnap them from work (arrange in advance with the boss)
and take them out for a romantic a day on a hot air balloon ride.

Shower by candlelight.

Write notes with clues and lead them to a restaurant
or a secret lovemaking location.

Spread chocolate sauce on your body...

Find a tree house or similar outdoor location, you know, to
do it.

Try some light bondage.

Dress up and role play

Email each other naughty pictures of yourselves naked

Try it standing up

Have a quickie up against the wall

Play Twister Naked